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  Who are we? We are brand of ni2 Financial, an investment firm assisting global non resident Indians, PIOs & OCIs to get a PANcard from India quickly. Our goal is to make the procedure simple and quick as a broker/liaison for NRIs, Foreign passport holders & companies not registered in India to get a new or duplicate PANcard from India.

We advise on how to apply, if needed assist you to verify PAN number, find details or history of your old PAN number. We have clients in U.S.A - United States of America, Canada, Australia, U.K, Singapore, UAE, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, etc. Our goal is to assist the NRI community to apply for New as well as get corrections or changes.

  What is a PAN Number? It is a 10 alphanumeric number known as Permanent Account Number (PAN) , issued in the form of a laminated card (PANCard) by the Income Tax Department of India. The government has made PAN mandatory to be quoted on the tax returns & all financial correspondence that you carry in India. (serves as an Indian ID proof too).

One of the most vital documents that you need in India is the PAN card. It is a number associated with the Income Tax department of the country. It can simply be described as a ten digit alphanumeric code issued by the tax department in a laminated form called the PAN card. When you apply for a PAN number, the income tax department issues a PANcard to you.

This laminated card bears certain vital information like your name, father’s name, your date of birth, your PAN number, your photograph and your signature. This number consist combination of digits, alphabets, total numbering ten. Each of them has its own significance.

For example, let us consider a typical PAN number like APZPC7390K.

Here, the first three alphabets (APZ) represent part of a series running from AAA to ZZZ.
The fourth alphabet (P) represents the characteristics of the applicant. This is as follows:

P = Personal / Individual,

F = Firm,

C = Company,

H = HUF,

A = AOP,

T = Trust.

The next alphabet (C) represents the first letter of the surname of the applicant.

The digits are taken from sequential numbers running from 0001 to 9999.

The last alphabet (K) is a check digit.

Why do NRIs, PIOs & Companies need a PAN Number from India?
It can be considered as an Indian tax id which is now compulsory to be mentioned if you carry any kind of financial/investment transactions in India. Such transactions include: Doing business, buying real estate, opening a bank or demat account, investing, getting invoices paid overseas, etc.

  Do I pay taxes in India if I get a PAN?
Having an PAN no. doesn't mean that you have to pay taxes. You only pay tax if you generate income from/in India. But, it is always recommended to file 'ZERO' taxes even if you don't have any tax liability; this would boost your credibility & help you raise loans or commence business, etc in the future.

YES... It is Compulsory for NRIs, PIOs & OCIs & Foreign Nationals!

  We provide forms + simple instructions to fill + samples.
  We make Demand Draft (DD) & get your documents attested*.
  We submit to the Govt & follow-up till you get it abroad - 15 Days.


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Some more information:

- The IT department has given authority to two bodies to handle the issue of PAN cards: UTI and NSDL.

- You can download the prescribed NRI form 49A from our website or you can email us to get this PAN application.

- There are certain documents that you need to supply with the completed form. These include your photograph (size: 3.5 cm x 2.5 cm), proof of identity and the proof of residence and the source of your income. In addition, you will also need to supply the code and designation of the concerned assessing officer of the Income Tax department which you can obtain from the websites of the aforementioned organizations. If you have doubts just let us know and we will tell you what are the required documents.

- The completed form along with the our processing charges can be paid on our site or you can do a net banking transfer. You can also submit these at the PAN facilitation centers. Such centers are located in every major town and city of India.

- It will be delivered to your address outisde India within 2 to 3 weeks. However, if you are in urgent need, you can take advantage of our Tatkal service.

- If you find the whole process very difficult & technical, you can employ the services of a good pan agent like us.
All major cards accepted.
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* We do not offer refunds once the client receives the forms and instructions from our end, however the final judgment/decision regarding the refund processing remains with our company.

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