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We make your PAN Process: Simple & Hassle Free.

Apply for New, Duplicate, Minor, Family, Company PAN

We get the documents attested* & submit your forms

We do the follow-up with the Govt on your behalf

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Our PANCard Services: Our goal is to provide our clients with best PAN related services. The idea is to advise them as to how to go about obtaining a permanent account number from the Income tax department of India.

In details, we can assist NRIs to:

Apply for New PAN Number Obtain Minors and Children PAN Numbers.  
PAN Card for a Company HUF - Family & Joints PANs  
Get an Address Update Get Name Correction in your old PAN Card.  
Resolved Signature Mismatch Apply for Company TAN Numbers.  
Find your Old PAN Records Get a Duplicate PAN Card incase of lost.  

We promise to deliver easy assistance to non resident Indians including: NRIs, PIOs (person of India origin) and OCIs (Overseas citizen of India) for applying a pan card online from India. NRIs can avail our pan services to apply for a new pan number, duplicate pan card incase they misplaced or lost their original pan card, companies and firms can also apply for pan numbers through us. We make sure that newly allotted or issued pan card is delivered at any foreign location, like: USA, UK, Canada, Gulf, etc.

More about our PAN Number Assistance Services: We are not at all a government website, in fact we are private brokers assisting NRIs to obtain a new Indian pan card from the IT department of India. We help clients to submit their pan applications at various pan centers in India. In general, we help clients to submit forms at pan service centers.

Steps Involved:

1. To initiate your process you make click the START HERE link below.

2. You pay PAN Assistance fee. Our Adviser will contact you with pan application.

3. He would also send you simple instructions explaining how to fill the forms as an NRI.

4. We then render help by submitting those forms on behalf of our clients.

5. After submission we follow-up with the govt & the tracking details are sent to the client.

6. The client can then expect to have his PANCard within 15-20 days.


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